Her Scarred Side

Inspired by the sentence in the novel of Jenny Knipfer ‘On Bur Oak Ridge’: “She smiles back, her scarred side still turned away from me.” 

She smiles,
her scarred side 
still turned away from me

In her eyes I see
my soul wounds
I’ve kept in secret

Instead of 
revealing and healing
I’ve become more ailing 

Instead of 
freedom promised by Christ
I’ve become a slave of fear

But who benefits
from the fear of exposure? 
Only darkness.

But am I a child 
of the One who gives the Light? 
I want to be!

I smile back
and plant upon her scars
kisses of self-acceptance.


Yesterday, I finished reading “On Bur Oak Ridge”. What a delightful, encouraging, and inspiring novel! Jenny Knipfer is an amazing writer, and this time she weaved a story about a young woman, who, in an instant, lost her only child, her beauty, her career, and her husband, and then . . . she started loosing her mind. Can it get any worse? 

If you read the story of Job in the Bible, then you know that the LORD restores what was lost, if you keep the faith.

“I dreamt I met a man after a long walk. He sat on a big boulder, as if he waited for me. I stopped and rested near him and talked with him about my second grief and burden—my deformity. He replied with the words, ‘Just live for His beauty.’ Then his plain clothes fell away and raiment of glowing white covered him, and in a blink of an eye, he disappeared.” —Jenny Knipfer, ‘On Bur Oak Ridge’

I enjoyed every twist and turn of the plot. Cried and laughed, and even wrote the poem. With a wide smile on my face I preordered book #4 “By Broken Birch Bay”, and I look forward to its release! 

“On Bur Oak Ridge” is available to purchase in many bookstores. I ordered my copy on Amazon.

With love

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