Testimony: Father, Son & the Holy Spirit

A piece from my poetry-memoir (WIP).

I shared a precious moment of my life
in a letter to my dear friend 
battling with cancer.
I wrote:
“I’m thinking of you,
and you just can’t imagine 
how much I admire your courage. 
I remember the season 
I discovered a lump in my breast—
to stay upbeat was so challenging.
Every day, I was asking God 
for healing, and energy.
A bizarre event 
happened during my surgery—
I suddenly woke up to say loud and clear 
in the language of the surgical team:
'God is: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit'.
Can you believe?
I had just started studying the Word of God,
and never in my life 
had I pronounced that statement
In a foreign tongue.

Through the fog I saw a hand
stretching toward my face,
it covered my nose and mouth
with an anesthesia mask 
to lullaby my mind 
back to oblivion.

Since that very season 
I’ve learned about Christ Jesus, 
that he is our Lord—
Heavenly Father has loved us so much
He sent His Son in the human flesh
to die for us and rise up from the dead,
to take away our sins 
and nail them to the cross, 
to save our souls from perishing,
and give us the Comforter, Guide
—His Holy Spirit.

He called us all 
to believe in Him, 
and to love one another 
as He has loved us, 
His sisters and brothers.

I pray the Lord will revive you 
during and after chemo 
and help your surgeon 
to leave no scars 
at your motherly breast. 
I just want you to know 
how much I care about you,
sweet friend,
and love you like my sister.”
With love

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