Lord, I Know You Love Me

I know you love me
but you don’t always love my deeds;
you show me genius live parables 
that reveal my wrongs, 
and I am 
such a silly student.

I know you love me
even when I curse you 
for the pain you’ve caused me;
I know it’s your steady hand
that twists my rebellious feet 
to fit your righteous path. 

I know you love me
even when you pluck from my heart 
fruitless weeds that make me forget 
your Tree of Life;
I know you’re jealous God—
Nothing can be more darling 
than You. 

I know you love me
even if I doubt it
when you hide your face
for the whole season;
help me pass 
the test of my faithfulness.

You are my love, 
to have and to hold
for better, for worse, 
for richer, for poorer, 
in sickness and in health, 
to love and to cherish for eternity, 
according to Your holy ordinance.
With love

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