How Much Do I Have to Pay for Such a Treasure?

I found a gift shop
in a clockman’s house 
on the Goods Street.
I was looking for a gift
for my elderly grandma
—A Little Girl of God;
I imagined it could be a scarf 
to warm her fragile frame 
on a chilly night.
And there I saw
a cotton shoulder cover
with an exquisite pattern
of the mint-green leaves
a replica of the local 
bridal embroidery.
As the lady, seller, 
was busy wrapping it
into the delicate coral paper
I set my eyes 
on handmade jewelleries;
I gasped when I saw a piece
I’ve been looking for years
— a necklace with a cross
—pure silver,
one of a kind, yet simple, 
I asked the lady,
“How much do I have to pay 
for such a treasure?”
She said: “The world”.
I hesitated for a minute,
I didn’t like the price at all. . .
But with that cross I’ve fell in love.
I shook my heart to stir my faith, 
“I want it,” I finally said 
and was about to pay, 
that’s when I saw 
its name
truly, I said,
that title is worth 
of giving up the world.
That day I found
the perfect cover 
for God’s little girl.


“And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.” Jesus Christ

with love

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