Wisdom Dances

Do not force wisdom to dance for the puffs of wind 
erupting from the folk-fest guests’ applause.
Wisdom never moves to the rhythm of traditional dances.
She refuses to entertain the strangers 
who look just for a fun filled day.
Wisdom’s gracious moves are born from the Spirit—
do not disturb her performance 
before the Commander of the winds—
she dances joyfully to worship Him.
Her festive dress is tailor-made
it flows like a peaceful river, 
it smells like lilacs in June
it illuminates like children’s eyes 
rejoicing at the sunny holiday
She swirls and sprinkles healing drops
upon every stranger who seeks 
God’s Graceful Light.
One such stranger looked at her 
but lacked understanding—
she doesn’t have the wings but she can fly—
surely it’s the work of winds—he passed by, 
returned to his wind-shaken life.
Another stranger stopped and marvelled 
at her exquisite dance, and he exclaimed—
who but God Himself could create such a wonder?!
and he allowed her freshwater drops 
to wash sweat off his wrinkled forehead, 
and he, astonished, 
heard the long awaited clatter of the broken chains
that suddenly fell off his heavy, swollen feet;
and when she called him “Friend!”
and welcomed to the year-round fruitful Garden
where she, God’s Wisdom, elegantly dances,
he didn’t hesitate.
No, you can’t force His wisdom
to dance for the claps of men.
Thank you for reading.