A Bridal Veil

My mama said I was born draped in a bridal veil.
I wish I knew it before I lost my spiritual virginity.
I wish I never met one cunning woman
who dared to say my forehead was tattooed 
with a seal of celibacy that should had been removed 
unless I wished my life to end in solitude.

For thirty crowns she swirled around me chanting 
“Be cleansed from curse in the name of Jesus!”  
spreading a church-like smelling smoke 
of a votive candle-flame before my startled youth. 

And when I saw the demon laughing
over my nakedness in that woman’s eye
I wished I was equipped with the sharpest saber
to save in time my heavenly engagement 
and keep myself gift-wrapped from head to heels 
in the handmade and the most softest veil.


The devil masterfully whispers lies into the ears 
that never heard Christ’s Words.
And then, for years, 
we grieve for loss of the first love.  
Rejoice, and do not believe his lies.
But bow and kneel and ask the Father 
to give you back His lovely cover
and put your feet onto the richly decorated path
where the holy groom is waiting
for you, once lost and found again beloved bride. 
Praise the Lord God, guys, He is wonderful.