The Truth will Make You FREE

I’d been searching for the truth
on the pages of the book 
about Jesus, the Son of God,
our Saviour, Redeemer.
When I found I was a sinner,
I heard: "Plunge into the water,
plunge into the water!"
I obeyed.
I plunged into the water
in hope my soul would be healed 
I kept on floundering
in the pool of guilt. 
instead of climbing up the promised ladder
I believed I must flounder harder 
to become righteous, 
to please the Almighty God. 

I was continually plunging and floundering, 
plunging and floundering.
One inappropriate word—
my white shirt was spotted by a drop of grease;
One accidental spit of anger— 
the entire shirt was drenched in dirt.
I felt cursed. 
I thought:
"How can I claim 
I’m a follower of Jesus
if I embarrass Him with my every move?"
I heard a whisper 
“Stop moving, 
you can never be worthy, 
you are untalented, not perfect.”

I kept on nodding yes
to the lies of the devil
until the day I met friends 
whose souls were crushed just like mine.
I asked Jesus
“How come 
instead of the promised freedom, 
our souls got entrapped 
in the pool of still remaining sins?
What should we understand 
to finally cleanse our garments?"

 “Believe in me”, He said.
“I do believe, my Lord.
 I do believe, 
but something 
is not right with my belief.
I’ve been reading your Word for many years,
but I often feel myself a hypocrite. 
When I think I know You 
I discover my blindness. 
When I think I’m close to You
I find myself thrown far away.
It’s so difficult for educated people
to see the Truth of God—
sometimes I think I would’ve lived
a more fulfilling godly life 
if I never pursued my degrees.

Teach me to know You.
make me feel Your heart
I don’t want to be another preacher
who proclaims he knows you, 
but he never even listened 
to your heartbeat. 
Come and possess my soul
with the Holy Spirit
so that all evil would flee  
from me.
That's when I’ll truly know you, 
and I will understand the truth, 
I'll be able to keep your commands 
and you'll never let me fall 
into that pool."

“Believe in me”, He said.
Thank you for reading this piece.