Perfected in Christ’s Love

We are striving to be perfect
but no one is.
When will we stop worrying
how well we perform?
When will we stop
looking for applause?
When will we stop caring
of the opinion of men?
All those things
steal our power—
our souls like a spiritual engine,
if running on empty—
trembles in our chests,
and many doctors 
don’t know the truth,
that’s why they blame it 
on your nervous failure…
But you should know
we can only be perfected 
in Christ’s love
and we only should perform 
for the applause of 
our Heavenly Father;
He applauds the performance 
called “love Christ and love one another”
And if you understand those things,
you’ll get your power back, 
and nothing will ever steal it.
Thank you for reading. God bless!