A Song of Cockatiel

“I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’”

John the Baptist, Holy Bible |John 1:23

I had a dream a few years ago: our cockatiel was enjoying the sunlight in front of the window, singing his sweet tune, and I worried that maybe it was dangerous for him to be always in the sun, so I moved bird’s cage into the dark corner of the room; after a while, he vanished.

When our bird died, my son’s sudden words—’so sad he won’t sing anymore’—made me pause to ponder on the connection between his words, my dream and my buried passion for singing.

I’ve been struggling with my voice exposure since childhood. The only way to show my voice was through popular songs. As a child, I used to sing behind closed doors.

One classmate said “You are not good at singing”, when we were exercising Beatles’ “Yesterday”. Some of its verses still haunt me:

I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday … now I need a place to hide away.

I’ve fallen into the pattern of hiding. Fear of exposure has been haunting me for decades and I couldn’t have fought against that obstacle if I wouldn’t have learned my lessons and encountered the Lord.

We all have a voice, but many of us refuse to use it, because we believe it’s not powerful enough. Many of us get wounded by the deceitful voice of the world. We experience self-loathing until we realize that the loudest cry comes out of grief, grief for someone we lost. And this someone is our Lord God. He can revive our voice if we use it to make Him known.

🎶 The Stolen Voice 🎵

In the light of my Father, 
my voice thrived 
until my step-dad lied, 
“You’re burning 
under the scorching sun!” 
He stole my dream, 
tainting my days 
with hypersomnia.


please teach me 
Your radiant melodies!

Thank you for reading. Listen to one of my song covers on Smule and have a lovely day!