A Seedling’s Tale 🌱

written by @lightofxenia | 2 min read

In the beginning, a little tiny seedling heard a loud crack. His head was firmly pushed against the shell’s crust enveloping him, and he could sense a crevice expanding in the middle. It was time to leave his dimmed, cozy shell — he’s grown too big for it. 

The seedling moved his head through the crevice, along a soft dark substance, and all of a sudden, he felt a burning pain. The pain of the first breath, followed by the fear. The fear of suffocating. He gasped and just kept breathing. He breathed and breathed, and breathed until he felt a suppressing thirst. 

The seedling’s skin began itching and hurting. He didn’t experience such a worry in his shell. But here, in this unfamiliar place, he had to take action to get nourished. The moment he sucked the first nutrients in, he felt complete.

And then the seedling saw the light. The bright invigorating rays illuminated all his brothers and sisters — utterly identical, thousands of twins. He rejoiced but soon was saddened. Many of his brothers and sisters couldn’t get enough nutrients, and their breaths were shallow. But the seedling knew they possessed the power and wisdom, as did he. So, he took a deep breath and straightened his fragile stem toward the light to be an excellent example to others. 

Some brothers watched him and got encouraged. But the majority ignored and perished before the new dawn. Only a few of them grew up tall and strong. Ten trees from ten thousand seedlings.

Thank you for reading. Please leave your kind comment below if you enjoyed this tale. 🌱 Be courageous. Be an achiever. Be inspiring.

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