A private conversation with Love and Resentment

written by @lightofxenia | 2 min read

“Iris, please, open the door, I beg you,” a man’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“Go away!”

“Forgive me, I truly didn’t want to let you down. I was too drunk. Please forgive me, princess. I love you so much!”

Iris was lounging on her armchair, wrapped in a woolen blanket. She was busy keeping a private conversation with her darling Resentment and abandoned Love.

“It’s easier to forgive and try again to be happy than to be offended and angry,” Love suggested to Iris.

“No, Iris, he will do it again and again! Don’t even think to forgive him. People never change! Believe me!” said Resentment.

“My child, I have transformed a lot of people. I wish you could believe in my power. I am almighty Love, your Love.”

Iris imagined a warm embrace of her husband for a second, and a slight smile crossed her lips, raising her salty cheeks sparkling from tears.

“Wipe your tears, child. Your beautiful eyes don’t deserve to be red and puffed.”

Iris slowly got up from her armchair, wiping salty tears with a tissue. As she was padding to the door, she meditated on her messy feelings trying hard to focus. “Am I doing the right thing? Do I really love him that much?”

“Yes, you do,” said Love and expanded in her chest, lovingly caressing her inner being.

Iris turned a key in a lock…

There, her husband, Vassilis, was anxious for relief from the heart-eating guilt.

“Forgive me, please,” he whispered in sincere hope handing her a box of her favorite sweets.

Iris gently hugged him. They have experienced plenty of glorious moments together.

“I forgive you.”

“There is no place to Resentment in your soul if I live there. Your Love.”

Thank you for reading. Please leave your kind comment below if you enjoyed this story. 🌱 We often get offended over nothing. If that happens to you, please try to find Love in your heart and forgive. Take care of one another!🌹

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