Hazelnut and Pine Cone 🐿

written by @lightofxenia | 2 min read

During a fall storm, a ripe hazelnut fell from a tree branch and landed under a pine tree. Though he was excited to have reached the ground, the hazelnut quickly tired of rolling around. The ground was boring. There was nothing exciting to the right or left or anywhere else around him.

When the nut eventually looked up, he spotted a green pine cone hiding between the needles.

“Hey, Pine Cone! I’ve already ripened! Look at my shiny thick shell! It will protect me from the winter frost, unlike yours—green and soft.”

The pine cone cast a curious look at the brown hazelnut and smiled at him. Then she turned her gaze back to the sky to enjoy the tender warmth of the sun. From time to time she glanced down at the nut and continued living her simple pine cone life, pretending she didn’t hear his bragging or unfriendly talk. She had her own mission to fulfill.

“Hey! Talk to me, you Silly Useless Cone! Don’t you see that I’m The Hazelnut, a son of Mighty Hazel?”

A little red squirrel played with acorns nearby. She heard a noise and hurried to snatch the tasty hazelnut. She quickly vanished into the woods to stash away her bounty for the winter season.

Two winters and two summers have passed since then. The ripe pine cone opened with delight to release many tiny seeds from her cracks. She smiled tenderly as a slight wind gently blew her babies across the land where, soon, many young trees would spread their fragile branches.

Thank you for reading. Please leave your kind comment below if you enjoyed this fable. 🌱 Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy. Be yourself. Be humble. Do your thing.

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